I love visitors!

I love it when my extended family visits. They always bring lots of cool presents! But it also makes me sad bc I only get to see them once a year and this time, I missed out.

My lovely auntie brought me a present from the Chanel counter. She knew that I had been eyeballing this perfume for quite some time, but just the thought for dropping $68 on it had me cringing. 

This is probably my one and only favorite smells from Chanel. I prefer their make up.

This is an ointment that's made in Japan, but my mom has been using it since I was very little in Asia. It's for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and I even use it on my dry skin in the winter time.  I have tried Aveeno and all the other mild eczema products out there, but none work better than this ointment.

My auntie also picked me up a couple of other things. I really wanted some of the velcro hair holders that all the beauty gurus have been using. She got me 3, one in each color.

She also picked me up a BB Cream. These have been around in Asia FOREVER. They're just now becoming popular in America. This was really tricky bc I'm my summer shade and almost EVERYONE in Asia is fair skinned. She picked the brand with the darkest color.

She also picked me up a beauty favorite among gurus. The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. I've seen some beauty gurus use it to clean their make up brushes as well as their faces. I'm interested to see what all the fuss is about.

Well that's it for now. Have you guys tried any of the products above? I'll do a review as soon as I make a decision about each of them.


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