Hurricane Survival!?

I saw this article on SHEfinds [via Be Better Blog] and I thought it was brilliant! What does every girl need during a hurricane!? A good pair of rain boots!

I live on the east coast and Irene is about to hit certain parts. I go to school in the mountains so we aren't really affected by it all, but a lot of people from Norfolk and VA beach are evacuating here.

All of these boots are available at

First up ... the famous Burberry rainboots. These retail for $195. Available here!

The next up ... I love these boots by Hunter! They're bright colored and tall so no water will get in! Available here!

Here are the rainboots that I current have. They're by Paul Frank and I bought them off of YEARS ago. I only wear them when there is light rain because they're short and sometimes water does get in.


There are so many rainboots out there, these are just a couple of my favorites.


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