Haul: TJ Maxx!

So TJ Maxx is having their end of the season clearance. It's when they use the yellow tags instead of the little red tags when things are on sale. I picked up a few things bc it was so inexpensive.

I picked up 2 pairs of leggings. The black pair was only $0.70 and it's made from thicker thermal like material. The winters in Blacksburg are pretty harsh so I can't wait to wear these under my jeans! The white pair was $2.00 and I don't own any white leggings so in case I need them, I have them now.

I also bought two pairs of shoes. One of them is a pair of patent grey BCBG pumps. I liked the way they looked and their shoes are always so comfortable. These weren't on sale, but at $40 they were a good deal. 

The second are flip flops. I normally don't like plastic, but these remind me of the Valentino Bow Jelly Flip Flops and they were only $7.

These are the Valentino ones.
I also bought a dress and a top. The top was $7 and it's a poncho see through lace top. I'll prob wear this with a tank top underneath. I love lace and recently, I've been obsessed with poncho style stops. 

The dress was $7.50 and it's a double layer spandexy dress with a white t-shirt over it. 

I was completely taken off guard when I saw that TJ had theBalm products! They're usually higher end make up that's sold at Sephora. The packaging is really unique, it has a pin up retro look to it.

I picked up a palette and some loose pigment eyeshadows. Each of these were $16.99

The loose pigment eyeshadows come in a set with 4 shadows. One is a mauve color called If You're Rich, I'm Single, one is a shimmering soft gold color called No Money No Honey, one is a shimmering pink champagne called Work Is Overated, and one is a shimmering cooper color called You Buy, I'll Fly. Each of the tops have a retro pin up girl on it.

In sunlight
In natural light
The palette I picked up was called 'Shady Lady Vol. 2'. It has 9 shadows and 3 of them can be used as a liner. I picked this one over the Vol. 1 because it was more a neutral palette.

Row 1:  Caught in the act Cortney; Feisty Felicia; Insane Jane
Row 2: Bossy Bobbi; Makeout Mary; Just this once Jamie
Row 3: Mischievous Melissa; Tempting Tara; Devilish Danielle


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