Haul: Target

So going home for the weekend, I went to a couple of different Targets. There are 2 by my house and I was totally surprised at what each carried. The Target by my school NEVER has anything good, so I was excited to see the different make up brands!!

At the first Target, they had their own section for E.L.F. products. I own almost everything that I like from them, but I have always wanted to try their blushes. I heard that the colors are dupes for NARS. I picked up 1 blush and 3 brushes. 

I already own 2 of the flat top powder brushes, but I hate waiting for them to dry, so I purchased another one. I also picked up another $1 eyeshadow brush. I own like 10 of these and they're the best for $1. And last, I bought one of their complexion brushes. I've never tried this one before so I'm hoping it's good.

The blush I bought was pink passion. It's pretty chaulky and not as smooth as I would like, but the color is gorgeous.

At the second Target, they did not have an ELF display BUUUUT they did have a Milani display!! I've been looking for the baked blushes for MONTHS and I finally found it.

I picked up 2 blushes. One is Red Vino and the other is Rose D'Oro. The color on these are beautiful and they actually do remind me of MAC blushes. 

I also picked up an eyeliner as well. It's from their Liquif Eye Metallic Eyeliner. I didn't get any of the colors, but I am a sucker for a good black eyeliner. The black is so crip, I was really impressed.


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