Haul: Sephora

I know I know! I just had to get this. Ta daaaa! It's the Hello Kitty Graffiti Rollar Ball fragrance!

This is my little collective haul from Sephora ...

Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss in Peachy
I bought this gloss a while ago in Goldfish and I knew that I had to try another color. I wouldn't really classify this as a gloss but more like a tinted lip balm. I love the fruity taste too!

Dior Addict Lipstick in 249 Diordissime
I really wanted to try a gloss from Dior but they didn't have much selection so I went with a lipstick instead! It's a pretty pink with slight shimmer. It's pretty sheer too, but I like it and it lasts a pretty long time.

Signature packaging!

I've also seeen quite a few bloggers mention some sales seen in store. I went to 2 of them and nothing out of the ordinary was on sale. I think some of the items were the Kat Von D Lipglosses and Tokidoki eyeshadow palettes. They were between $3 and $5. 
I was hoping I would get lucky and find one of those Tokidoki palettes, but I didn't.

BUUUT! I went over to my cousin's house and she said she had a surprise for me. She pulls out a Tokidoki palette that I've been looking for and it's absolutely perfect!

The palette is called Adieu. It has 4 shadows and a charm inside!

Carina, Ciao Ciao, Adieu, Al Dente
Carina is a soft, glittery white. Adieu is a pink/lavender with blue duochrome. Ciao Ciao is a deep royal purple with slight blue flash. Al Dente is an intense black with lavender glitter.


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