Mini Haul: NARS

Eh who doesn't get a little NARS happy from time to time? I definitly tried to restrain myself from buying too much and I think I definitly came out on top.

Who can blame me though? The sleek, matte, black packaging. It's like buying a new car and trying to make the smell last! I like to maintain the illusion that I have money to always buy NARS when I feel like it lol

First thing I picked up was the NARS eyeshadow primer. I love my Too Faced and UDPP, but I'm always looking to try new things and this was calling my name at the register.

I also recently saw a lot of posts about this NARS blush. It's the exhibit A blush. It's not normally something I go for, but people have been raving about it so much I had to try it out. Even swatched light handed, this blush is extremely pigmented. I'm actually scared about using it. Any tips?


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