Haul: INGLOT (Pic Heavy) Part 1

So recently my family took a vacation to LA and Vegas. I sadly missed out on the trip because I had to work, but I made sure to make them a list of things to bring me back!

The beauty community has been raving about INGLOT since they came out and I sadly couldn't get my hands on their products. I jumped at the opportunity when my parents were going to Vegas because they have an actual store there!

I only purchased a palette and some blushes, but if I like it, I'm definitely going back for more. I purchased their freedom palette and I had the sales associate make me a "neutral" palette. I would definitely have gone for the more poppin colors but I know I would never wear them. I love my neutrals tho.

Their shadows do not have a name, but they're separated by number and finish.

I don't want to bombard you with pics so I'm gonna do a separate post for swatches and the blushes! 


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