Haul: Forever21

Forever21 has definitely gotten better about organization, but it's still super messy. I can never really find what I'm looking for and the sizes are never consistent.

I went to a wedding last weekend, so I was forced to actually go into a store and pick something out. Funny thing is that two of the outfits I tried on, people at this wedding were actually wearing.

I forgot to take a picture of the actual dress, but it was just a little black dress made from jersey knit material.

I love things that are printed and matched with a solid which is why this dress was a hit for me. It's a little longer than dresses that I normally buy, but I really like the pink print and the skirt was a thicker quality too.

I also really like asymetrical things and this top was on shoulder with a ruffle design. It's super cute and a pretty teal color. The only complaint is that the material gets wrinkley really fast.

The last thing I picked up was another top. It's a poncho style with a pretty flower print on it. I have been pretty obsessive with these tops lately and can't stop buying them.


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