Some of my favorite blushes!

So I've been seeing a lot of blush posts lately and it inspired me to do my own. I was never a fan of blushes bc I guess I never learned to apply it well. That has all changed!! I love blushes and I love the effect it adds to your face, giving you a little glow and color.

MAC Blush in Desert Rose

This is my only MAC blush I own. It's not that I don't like them, but they're pricey and it's really hard for me to get to a MAC counter. The color is a deep rosey red color. You have to use a light hand bc too much makes you look like you have a drunk flush.

Victoria's Secret Love Me Wild Face Trio (LE)

Ok, I admit it, I bought this blush bc of the packaging. I had a couple of rewards cards to VS and wanted to try their line of make up. I picked up this blush and 2 other lipsticks. This blush makes a pretty pink sheen. It's almost like a iridescent finish. 

NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic

The NYX cream blushes have been raved about on youtube and blogs for ages, so I had to get my hands on one. This color is a light pale pink. It applies pretty sheer, but the color looks like a natural flush when blended out.


 Hard Candy Blush in Pin Up

When I first bought this blush, I was worried it was going to be too brown for my skin, but it ended up being perfect ... not as a blush BUT as a highlighter. I sweep a little bit over the top of my cheekbones and it makes the prettiest highlight. I do use it sometimes as a blush, it's a pretty pale peachy color.

Benefit CORALista

I have been using this blush a lot this summer. It's just as described, a pretty coral color with slight shimmers. 

Benefit Bella Bamba

I've only recently gotten into the Benefit blushes and I love them all. They all do different effects and this one claims to be a 3D pink. It swatches a little lighter than it looks, but using a heavier hand produces a nice color.

NARS Blush in Deep Throat

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blush. I think the blush organism is overrated and this is the better blush in the collection. It has a slight shimmer and it's a pretty pink. I think it's flattering on all skin tones. You do have to use a little bit more on my NC40 skintone.

Stila Convertible Color in Peony 

This Stila blush is unique because it can be used all over the face. It's a cream like texture and it's also pretty flattering on the lips. The color is a pretty peachy pink. I usually apply it on my cheeks and then blend it out with my fingers. You can also apply it on your lips or your eyelids.

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush

This blush is kinda pricey for a drug store brand, but I really enjoy the color it produces when swirled together. It's a pretty rosey pink with slight shimmer. They also make a face powder and bronzer, but I haven't tried those yet.


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