Haul: Victoria's Secret

I hate paying shipping, which is why I hate ordering from Vicki's online. The store at my local mall doesn't sell clothes, so if I want anything other than underwear and bras I almost always have to order it online. 

It was my birthday this month so I had a reward certificate for $10. It expires at the end of the month, so I had to use it AND the website was offering free shipping with $25 purchase (which they NEVER do) so I had to jump on it.

It's bathing suit season and I almost never match. I either wear dark bottoms with a bright top or the other way around. I saw a pretty good deal on these double string bikini bottoms in neon watermelon. I've had a VS credit card for years and they have always come out with this bottom every spring.

Ever since I borrowed this dress from my roommate a couple of years ago, I've wanted it. It's called the beach dress and it's a halter style. They also come out with this dress every spring, usually in a variety of colors and lengths. I don't know why I waited this long to buy it.

It's also a babydoll style so it's flattering on most body types.


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