Haul: DSW

I can't even justify why I spent the money I did. I think it's because they tempted me with a $5 certificate for my birthday. BUUUUT it's just $5, I normally don't fall for these sort of things.

I ended up buying 3 pairs of shoes. They're all BLACK and I would classify them as booties? Or something of the sort.

I couldn't resist, especially since they were only $14.95 and over 75% off. I'm a sucker for clearance and sales.

The first pair of shoes I bought were definitly booties. They're by Madden Girl and the name of them is Serenee. Here's the link. I normally wear between a 6.5 and 7 and according to the reviews, everyone said they were snug so I bought them a size up. These are size 7.5 and they fit perfectly. God bless reviews!

They're pretty unique with the lace up elastic in the front and the closed toe front. It's rounded and looks like a flat more than a bootie. The heel is also thicker so they're really comfortable.

The next pair of shoes I got were also bootties. They're by Madden Girl and the name of these are called Kamera. I actually bought the last pair on the website. It said only one pair left, hurrrry! So i'm a sucker for that too. Last pair in size 7. It has to be fate!

Ok ... The last pair of shoes I bought were booties as well. Don't judge me!! These were by Carlos by Carlos Santana. They're more of a mixture between booties and pumps. The name of them are Tao Patent (not sure if the Patent part is apart of the name). I got these in a size 7.

I paid a little over $40 for all three pairs of shoes. Accoridng to DSW, I saved about $150 so #win on my part!


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