First MAC foundation ... Select SPF15

I had to drive 45 mins away, but hopefully it's worth it. I had the MA recommend something for me since I haven't used the foundations before. I got the Select SPF 15 foundation in NC40.  I was a little torn on the type of coverage I wanted, but I started with the medium one and then I think the next foundation I'll purchase is gonna be the Studio Fix Fluid. But I heard that a lot of people break out from that one.

I felt so sorry for the MA because she was helping another girl and the girl was literally sending her from one end of the counter to the other. Normally I don't get upset very often, but the girl has to be like 15 yrs old and her daddy was buying her make up. She picked up everything, foundation, powder, falsies, mascara, lipies and eyeshadow. I felt bad for her father and the MA. I've always thought about what I would do if I had a girl, like what age I would let her have make up and what I would let her have. 

The coverage is definitely medium and I haven't really tried to build it. The MA applied the foundation with both a brush and a sponge. I've tried both and I found that with either application, I still have to buff it into my skin or else it will just sit there on top and look streaky. I'm a NC40 right now and the color is perfect.

I also picked up a  Fix+. It's absolutely one of my favorites for before and after foundation application!


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