What's in my Shower?

So I've been seeing a lot of these posts on youtube and blogs and I really wanted to do one. I just moved into an apartment and already my bathroom looks like a war zone. I'm only going to be in this apt for a month so I don't have a lot of things unpacked BUT I still managed to stick a bunch of stuff in the shower.

The new apt I'm moving into has a bathtub and I actually bought a tension pole shower caddy.  It's by Better Bath and I paid $16.99 for it at Ross. I actually saw the same shower caddy here at Linens N Things.

There are 2 little shelves in the stand up shower and this is the first shelf. I have my Organix Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner and my Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward face cleanser.

I LOVE the smell of the shampoo but I don't think it's renewing at all. It actually dries out my hair more than anything else. I just bought the cleanser recently and so I don't want to give my opinion until I've used it a little bit more. I got this cleanser at CVS but I know you can also get this cleanser at Ulta.

This is the other shelf in the shower. I have another set of hair products. A little while ago, Target sent me a sample of Pantene and I was skeptical about it because I've used it before and I didn't like the results. But after the sample, I loved the new formula! It left my hair super soft and smelling great.

This is the top of the shower. I have the Clean and Clear Morning Burst Body Wash in Mango and Papaya. I LOVE this wash. I don't think it cleans me better than other body washes, but the smell is so delicious! The consistency of the body wash is super thick too, so a little goes a long way.

I also have a little caddy above the shower head. It used to be in my old bathroom and was a better fit there than in this new bathroom. It kind of gets in the way of the water flow.

I have 2 face cleansers and 2 body washes in here. I have Softsoaps Spa Radiant and Joico Skin Luxe in Sweet Pomagrante for body washes. I have Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Microbead Cream Scrub and Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Cleanser.

The Joico body wash smells so good! It smells like cake frosting!

 The bottom of the shelf had my foot scubber and my Venus razor.

You guys are going to laugh, but I also have 2 different sets of shampoos and conditioners on the floor of the shower. I have the Matrix Amplify Volumizing System Color XL smapoo and conditioner. This was my original shampoo and conditioner that I used religiously for a whole year. 

The other set of hair products is by BioLuxe. I believe this is only available at CVS. I really liked the formula of the conditioner so I bought the whole set to try. It makes your hair really soft and shiny.

 This is what the shower looks like, well without the floor being pictured. 


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