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I am the biggest product procrastinator ever! I like to try TONS of new things and I never really finish up anything. Recently, I've seen a lot of bloggers participate in Project 10 Pan. Project 10 Pan is where you can't purchase any cosmetics until you have used up or hit pan on at least 10 items in your current make up collection.

Realistically I know that isn't going to happen, especially with my obsessive nature to buy and try new things. I figure that I'll probably finish a lot more shower things than anything else. So I'm starting small and doing a mini Project 5 Pan. 

Some of the pictures are going to look weird bc I like to cute the top off of my tube products. It makes it easier to get the cleanser and the rest of the scrubs out. I've seen a lot of people do this for make up products too.

The first thing I've finished is my Neutrogena Stress Control Cream Wash and I'm almost there with the Scrub. I'm not really a stressful person, but I found that this is one of the mildest Acne cleansers out there. I have pretty sensitive skin and the occasional zit here and there and it works.

Normally I use my Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash to remove my make up along with my Neutrogena wipes. But on certain days where I have the occasional break out, I use this wash. It's weird because I only break out along the sides of my forehead and my chin, no where else.

I've also tried a lot of the acne Clean and Clear face washes and I found that most of them irritated my skin. The one in the silver tube gave me dry patches and little red bumps. So it's either too strong or I'm allergic.

The next thing I've finished up is the Olay Body Wash Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter. I'm not a huge fan of this body wash. Don't get me wrong, it's super moisturizing and makes your skin smooth, but I HATE the smell of it. It reminds me of old people. I got this mini bottle with a purchase of something else a while ago and it's taken me forever to use it up!

I'm also a HUGE scrub addict and I managed to finish off two different scrubs! Yay! The first scrub is by Soap and Glory, called The Scrub of Your Life. I love this scrub and I got it from Target a while ago. It's in the cutest pink packaging with a funny description. 

The next scrub I finished is from the Victoria Secret's Secret Moment Collection. I have a TON of things from this collection bc they were having a buy 5 for $15 sale and then I had a secret rewards card so I got a bunch of things for $5. I'm not completely in love with this scrub but I do like it.

It's more like a sugar scrub than an actual scrub, that means while your scrubbing, the salts/sugar beads disappear. 


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