oh well helllooo kitties

So I got bored and I thought I would throw in some cute kitty spam. I have 2 cats. They're both orange and white. My older guy cat is the size of a turkey and my other girl cat sheds like no one's business. She loves him, he secretly hates her. It's a great little kitty family.

My room at home is a disaster zone (and I woke up one morning to find my girl cat, Sundae, just chillin in my things.

Look at her. She doesn't think I know.

Yes, her tail is like the size of another cat.


Katie Abshier said...
June 17, 2011 at 7:39 AM

hahaha!! Those are too cute! I've always wanted an orange and white kitty. I love how she's just laying in your bag. My cat would do the same thing. Only she fancies plastic bags.

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