New Celly!

So I've always had service with T-mobile and it's time for an upgrade! I actually got a free one because I've been with them for such a long time and also because my old phone was dying a slow death.

I don't really wanna show off the new phone because I think it's just like any other android phone. And if you really wanna know what kind it is, I believe it's an htc g2? Something like that and it's made by google.

Back to what I was ranting about, I don't wanna show you the phone but I do wanna show you the CASE!! I got it off of Overstock.Com or as the tv likes to call it O.Co

I only paid like $10 for it with free shipping so I thought it was a good deal.

Ta-daaaaa! Look how pretty the flowers look!

This is the front!
This is the back!!


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