Moving Brings Major Pain!

Hey guys! Sorry I have been so MIA lately. I usually like to do at least one post a day and lately I've been slacking.

So the reason I've been so absent is because I'm moving into a new apartment BUT instead of being able to just move, I have a GAAAAAP in my lease. My old one ends June 18th and my new one starts July 20th sooo I had to move into my roomie's current apartment and stay there til we can both move together. BUUUT I forgot to tell you that her old roommate hasn't moved ANY of her furniture yet so I have to live around it.

Let me tell you, moving is a pain. It's not fun and living out of a suitcase is even worse! I took a bunch of pictures to show you how I'm living and the current state of the apartment. It looks like a war zone!

So here we gooooo...

This is some of my stuff just sitting in the middle of the room.

This is my makeshift bed. Normally it's 2 twins pushed together to make a KING but right now I'm living on a twin a  half.

My make shift closet. 

The bathroom. I have boxes everywhere.

We had to move the bar stools to make room for my stuff.

This was the living room, not it has couch upon couch.

All the furniture and stuff everywhere.


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