Mmmhmm De-freaking-licious Foood!

So a big part of my life besides all the fashion and make up is the food! I love to eat at different places and try new things! I think I'm going to try and feature a food destination and some reviews in case anyone in the DC/VA/MD area is looking for good eats! 

I apologize for the cruse photos right now because I always forget to bring my camera and my phone camera has pretty low lighting.

Bon Chon Chicken
6653 Little River Tpke
AnnandaleVA 22003

I LOVE THIS PLACE! The garlic chicken is like nothing you have ever tasted before. It's like heaven in your mouth.

But be warned, the wait is usually about 30-40 mins on ANY given day. So you can always call ahead and show up when the food is about to be ready. The service is nothing to die for either, but it's expected in an Asian establishment. Everything aside, I HIGHLY recommend this if you are in the VA area. You will NOT be disappointed.


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