Haul: TJ MAxx!

I have been eyeballin this watch for a couple of weeks now. Well more like 1 week, but I told myself that if I came back and it was still there, I would buy it. Well as fate would have it, It was still in the same spot!

It's the MK5249 model. My roommate has a gold one that I've been wanting, but I was hesitant because I didn't know if gold was really my style. I love gold jewelry but I wanted something that could be dressed up or down.

The watch was on clearance from $199 to $79. It was a pretty decent discount and there wasn't anything wrong with it.

The next thing I picked up was some body lotion. It's from the Peace, Love, and Juicy line. I couldn't remember what this smelled like before I bought it but I never really hate anything they make so I just went ahead and bought it.

The last 2 things I bought were kinda a slur of the moment because they were on sale type deals. My mom has always taught me that if I wanted something, I should either wait til it's on sale or out of season. I never really listen to that but in this case it didn't hurt.

The sale rack had these leggings for only $3 a pair! In the winter, I LIVE in leggings so it never hurts to have a few laying around, especially since I always snag them on something.

The black pair is just the regular stretchy kind and the gray pair is super thick like thermal sweater material.


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