TJ Maxx Jewelry Haulagggge!

I had to drop by TJ Maxx today to return a shirt I bought. Get this, the tag was accidentely sewn on the outside of the garment and I didn't look when I bought it. I was just going to return the shirt, but when I passed the jewelry display, I WAS HOOKED.

I highly suggest that you visit your local TJ Maxx and see if you can find this deal because it's so worth it! The entire display was jewelry from Talbots and the best part was it was all $5.99!!

I ended up buying a total of 6 necklaces. I might go back for more tomorrow because I love them!!

The first necklace I bought is a a longer style. It has 4 different patterns on it. One is pretty coral color and the others have beads and is a golden color. It original retailed for $69.

The second necklace I bought was a bright red beaded design. It has multiple ropes and different size beads. I don't know how much it retails for because there wasn't a tag on there.

The third necklace I bought is a longer style as well. It has teal jeweled flowers with teal beads on it. The flowers and beads are only on the bottom of the necklace and the top of the necklace is just a chain. This necklace retailed for $89.

The fourth necklace I bought was a chunky clear blue beaded design. It is a rope like patter with 2 ropes of blue beads. This necklace retailed for $59.

The fifth necklace I bought is a chain/ribbon style. It ties at the back and has golden chains with gems. It's super pretty! It retails for $119.

The last necklace I bought is a simple chain style. It's a longer chain with beads and golden discs on it. It's a neutral accessory and retailed for $59.


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