Sephora Haul Part 1

Since I live about 4 hours away from my school, the first thing I did was stop at not ONE but TWO different Sephora's. I know I know I have a slight make up addiction. I had completely different experiences in each, but I was super excited to be back in civilization!

Some of the lipies I bought
The very first thing I made a bee line for was the Urban Decay display ... well maybe I lied, it was a tie between that and the Two Faced one. I managed to get my hands on it! I might be the last person in the entire community to own this. BUT I AM THE PROUD OWNER OF THE NAKED PALETTE!! WoooHooo! I know finally right?!

I could just never justify spending almost $50 on a couple of eyeshadows. But it comes with 12 eyeshadows, a shadow karma brush, and a mini primer potion. I know the first Naked Palattes came with a double ended eye pencil instead of the karma brush.

I'm not even gonna bother to open it and swatch everything for you guys because there are a lot of better gurus out there that have done it. For example, Temptalia has a GREAT post on the Naked palette complete with swatches and everything. You can read it here.

Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss in Goldfish $16
I was a little confused by the name of this gloss because the packaging looks like a lipstick, but is called a gloss.

YSL Golden Gloss in 10 Golden Peony $30
This was the pricest thing I bought today except for the  Naked Palette. I've never owned anything from YSL before and I really wanted to try something. I was overwhelmed by all the lipsticks so I just went with a pinky gloss. The package claims that the gloss actually has 24 carat gold flecks! The color is a light strawberry pink. I love it!

Tarina Tarantino Conditioning Lip Sheen in Leatherette $22
This is an exclusive product to Sephora. The website says that it's a conditioning lipstick that delivers medium pigmentation and shine.

Face Brush $5

Tokidoki Prisma Gloss in Bullets $7
I was super exccited to find this in their sale section. Yes. Sephora has a sale section. This is completely new to me because I have never really seen a sale section. It was a complete impulse buy and the packaging is so cute!! I was really weirded out by the applicator. It's not a brush nor is it a doe foot one. It's a little piece of plastic. The taste is sweet too, but the gloss is clear.


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