Mini Hot Topic Haul!

I usually try to stay away from Hot Topic, just because the content of that store weirds me out a little bit. After reading that, I feel a little hypocritical because I used to be one of those teenagers that listened to emo music and wore band tee shirts. I have since evolved from that stage, thank the lord.

BUT Hot Topic was having a 50% off sale on their website. Well 50% off of all their clearance. I just happened to glance at it because it was on a forum I read. I didn't even realize this BUT Hot Topic carries Hello Kitty products!!! WooHoo! I was so surprised that I jumped on the chance to order it immediately.

I got my package within 3 days, it apparently came from TN? I just loved how fast it got here.

I ordered 2 Hello Kitty rings. They're a little different than the ones I normally would buy. These actually stand up like a gem on top of the ring. One of them is Hello Kitty's face and the other one is Hello Kitty's whole body. 

I also ordered a Hello Kitty necklace. It's her face riding on an airplane. 

The last thing I got for myself were these earrings! I have to admit, these were a cart filler so I could have free shipping, but you can't beat the price! They were only $1.99

I also picked up a couple of other things for my cousin as well. She's in her teens and I thought she would like the little nicknacks they had. I didn't take a picture of them bc I sent them to her house, but I bought her some Hello Kitty lip balm, jelly bracelets, Sanrio keychain and some Hello Kitty Rings.


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