Mall Haulage - Forever21, Marshalls!

This is the cleanest F21 I have ever been in. There wasn't anything out of place and I was really impressed with the selection. They had all the fabulous finds and a lot of stock on everything. This F21 was in Richmond, VA.

I only bought 2 clothing items. I didn't find anything that really caught my eye. I bought a strapless graffiti dress in this pretty orange and black print for $13.50. It also has buttons on it. I also bought a sweatshirt for $4.99. It's a baby blue color and super soft. Perfect for the lazy days. It was in their clearance section.

I bought a set of these gold bangles. They're super cute and they come with a couple of different kinds. I'm going through my gold phase so most things I bought were gold. They were a steal for $5.80.

I also picked up 2 rings. The first one is a white flower ring for $1.50 and the second is a pink flower ring for $2.50. 

The last thing I bought was a vintage looking necklace for $1.50. 

I also bought something from Marshalls. It's owned by the same people that own TJ Maxx and AC Moore. I didn't really feel like looking through all the clothes so I just bought myself a pair of gold braided flip flops. They were $7.99. 


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