CVS Beauty Sale Haulage!

I read on a couple of blogs that CVS was having their beauty sale again. But this time, it's not as massive as last time. I wasn't going to buy anything, but those sale tags were so enticing that I couldn't resist!!

I was super excited when I saw these Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat nail polishes on display. My CVS is always behind and never really has anything good. I was originally not going to buy any because they were sold out of the pink one and that's the one I was looking for, but I found it on a random shelf and then somehow I bought 3. LOL 

I got this Essie polish in Coat Azure. It's a really pretty dusty blue with some shimmer. It's from their spring 2011 collection. It was only 50% off, but I liked the color so I picked it up anyways. I believe this polish was $4.15.

I picked up 2 things from L'Oreal's line. I usually don't like their products and I heard somewhere that they test on animals too. I just thought I would give them a try since it was 75% off. These liners were around $2.15 a piece.

The first one is L'Oreal's Micro Ultra Fine Liner in Black and the second one is L'Oreal's Brow Stylist in Black-Brown.

I've never really tried anything from Rimmel except their lipsticks so I'm gonna start with their eye products. I got their Mascara called Sexy Curl in Black 001 and waterproof. It has a unique looking want with 3 little bubble things on it. I believe this was around $2.

The other Rimmel things I got were from their Glam Eyes Eyeshadows. I like very neutral and natural colors so I picked up a black matte shimmer and a bronze color. These were around a dollar. I figure for the same price as Wet n Wild, I might as well try a couple of shadows.

Spicy Bronze
Night Jewel


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