ALAD Day 9: Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Just Peachy

Never underestimate drugstore products! The beauty community has been raving about these Wet n Wild lipsticks for a while now and I was finally able to get my hands on a couple. I remember Wet n Wild had to be one of my first make up products, just because it was readily available and super affordable. Now a days, Wet n Wild has stepped up their game by producing affordable and quality make up.

The price of these lipsticks are pricer than their normal line. I believe the normal lipsticks are 99 cents while these lipsticks are between $2-3.99. I bought mine at CVS. The shade I got was 903C which is Just Peachy.

The packaging is average. I think they could have designed it a little better. It's a black plastic tube with a clear top. Some would say that it's kind of cheap looking, but I say it's average. 

One of the biggest issues with this lipstick is that the product does not  fully roll down into the tube so a good portion of it sticks out.  This means you have to be really careful when taking off and putting back on the lid, because you might accidentaly nick the lipstick. One of my lipsticks are also loose in the packaging. It doesn't fall out, but when you shake the tube, it does make a clank sound against the side.

The second problem I have with the packaging is the labeling. Once you remove the outer plastic there is no way to tell what shade name your lipstick is. It only has a set of numbers on the bottom.

The colour is a peachy pink and I would describe the finish as being very close to matte. A lot of bloggers rave about the lipsticks being super moisturizing, but because this color is matte it is a little drying. I like to apply it over a lip balm.

This lipstick on other lips!

Source: Jomakemeblush

Source: Painted Faces

Pigmentation: Amazing especially for the price
Long-lasting? Average
Finish: A matte/satin finish
Texture: Hard but creamy
Scent: No smell
Taste: No taste
Packaging: Average. I wish the lipstick rolled down all the way.
Cost: $2.99 to 3.99
Overall: For the price, these lipsticks are worth trying. They are super pigmented and depending on which shade you get, they can be really creamy. I always like to wear my lipsticks over a balm, it gives it a slight sheen. These are available everywhere and I'm still amazed at the quality.

  • Price
  • Pigmentation
  • Amount of product
  • Color selection
  • Texture (depending on shade)
  • Finish (matte/satin)
  • Can be drying sometimes
  • Quality control, my lipstick was rattling around in tube
  • Packaging (labels etc)
  • Staining on the lips (only the brighter colors)


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