ALAD Day 2: GIVENCHY - Rouge Interdit in Precious Rose

WooHoo! On to the second day! I'm really excited that I've been keeping up with this!

I am absolutely in love with the Givenchy’s Rouge Interdit Lipstick line. They're definitely a treat for you lips. These lipsticks are super moisturizing and they glide on super smooth. And they have a really nice shine to them.  

These lipies are also unflavored, but they do have a light rosy smell that fades pretty fast. I barely notice it at all and I prefer that to the lipstick taste/smell.

The packaging is super sleek too! The tube is square and black on the outside, and it has a ribbon on the bottom that's attached to the inner silver tube. The silver tube has Givenchy's signature design.

Givenchy claims that the Rouge Interdit lipsticks are long-wearing, but I'm not so sure. I get about 3-4 hours which is about average. I guess if I didn't eat or drink, it might be longer. I don't mind retouching it though.

The lipstick is pretty pricey, but the pigmentation of it is bee-a-u-tifuul. The texture is great, it doesn't dry out your lips and the packaging makes it feel sophisticated and expensive.

Pigmentation: ANAZING! 
Long-lasting? Average about 3 hrs
Finish: A creamy, glossy finish. 
Texture: Creamy and smooth
Scent: Roses, which is not very strong and goes away
Taste: No taste at all!
Packaging: Very sleek. Signature design
Cost: $$$ @ $28
Overall: This lipstick lives up to the price. The color is very well developed and it's not too bold. Perfect for an everyday rosey red. I love the way it feels on my lips and it's almost as moisturizing as a lip balm. I highly recommend it for people that are looking for a high quality lipstick!!

  • Creamy texture
  • Nice Rosey smell
  • SUPER moisturizing
  • Pigmentation

  • Price
  • Bulky packaging


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