ALAD Day 16: L'Oreal Color of Hope Lipstick in Color of Hope

This was probably one of the only lipsticks I've ever purchased from L'Oreal. I wasn't too sure on the color, but I took a chance. It's called Color of Hope. I believe these were limited editions because I can't find this shade in stores anymore. The proceeds go to a ovarian research fund.

The color is a nude plum/rosy color. It can sometimes look too brown in certain lights. I like the color, but I would probably only wear this during the fall or winter months.

The packaging is alright. The tube is a bronze color with the words Color of Hope written on the side. It has slight gold accents and there is a sticker on the bottom with the name and color. The one downside to the packaging is that you take a gamble at what the color actually looks like in the tube. There is no way to tell unless you take off the cap.

The lipstick has a heavy perfume smell and taste. I'm not a huge fan, it reminds me of the older make up products.  The actual lipstick does have the L'oreal engraved on it, which I find to be more unique.

The consistency of the lipstick is average, but overall I found the formula too drying. There really isn't a sheen to it, more of a matte finish. The color isn't very forgiving on chapped lips either. But the color is really pretty and I wish I loved the formula more.

Pigmentation: Rich
Long-lasting? About 1 hours with no food or drink
Finish: Matte
Texture: Drying
Scent: Perfume smell
Taste: Plastic lipstick taste
Packaging: Bronze tube with engraving on the outside
Cost: $7 to 8
Overall: I really wanted to love this lipstick, but I found that I loved the color and not the product. It is a very drying lipstick and after I wear it, I find that it makes my top lips chap, so I think something in the formula makes me slightly allergic. 

  • Pigmentation
  • I honestly can't find a lot that I love about this lipstick but the color
  • Not long lasting
  • Drying
  • Limited Edition
  • Taste and smells awful


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