ALAD Day 13: TARINA TARANTINO Conditioning Lip Sheen in Leatherette

I didn't plan on buying so many lip products when I went to Sephora but I couldn't resist. The name and packaging screamed buy me! And I am a sucker for really cute packaging. Plus the color was a nude and those are my favorite lip colors.

On closer inspection, I hated the packaging. It looked like a cheap Barbie knock off and the only thing appealing was the color pink. It has a silver bottom and pink cap. There is a cheazy looking ribbon on the silver part and name TARINA TARANTINO tattooed across the tube.

On the other side (cap), a bold “T” printed with simple and elegant.

Conditioning Lip Sheen in 11 shades
What it is:
A lightweight, conditioning lipstick that delivers medium pigmentation and shine.

What it does:
This luxuriously creamy lip color creates a perfectly pigmented, satin finish in one easy swipe. The flavor-free formula works clash-free with Gem Gloss. It's available exclusively at Sephora.

The texture is smooth and soft on the lips. It's almost like I'm applying a tinted lip balm instead of a lipstick.The staying power is medium to not very good. It last about an hour and then you have to reapply.

Pigmentation: it's true to color, very wearable shades
Long-lasting? About 1 hours with no food or drink
Finish: Creamy with a soft sheen
Texture: Smooth and moisturizing
Scent: No scent
Taste: No taste
Packaging: Silver and pink tube with name on side and ribbon
Cost: $22
Overall: For the price you pay, this lipstick is average. I would have rather bought an eyeshadow or gloss. The color is super pretty, but it's a nude that can probably be found somewhere else for cheaper. I appreciate that it applies like a balm and hydrates your lips versus drying them out.

  • Smooth
  • Moisturizing
  • Creamy
  • Color choices (very wearable)
  • Scent free 
  • Price
  • Only available at Sephora
  • Packaging cheap looking; lightweight plastic
  • Not very long lasting


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