Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I got my giveaway prizes today from Glam No Labelz! She sent them super fast and they came in 2 days! On top of the palette, she also sent me a lipgloss and a perfume sample. Thanks a bunch! Head on over to her blog if you haven't already. Lots of great things!

This is the Mark It Kit. It's a 2 sided palette that has 3 shadows, a bronzer, 3 lip glosses, and 3 color creams for eyes, lips, and cheeks. 

Shadows, from left: (1) white hot (2) violet femme (3) vampette
Bronzer: (4) bronzini

Color creams, from left: (5) mauving on (6) goldirocks (7) cocoa rush
Lip glosses: (8) retro (9) lotus pop (10) pretty delish 

This was the free Juice Gems lip gloss she added. It smells really good and reminds me of the Lancome Juicy Tubes Smoothie lip glosses. Just the smell and texture though, not the pigmentation. There really isn't any. It's just like a clear gloss when applied.


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