What's in my purse?

I recently bought a new handbag. I am absolutely in love with the color!! I thought that maybe if I bought a bright colored handbag, spring would come faster. Boy was I wrong! It's been snowing, raining, hailing, basically everything but spring weather. I guess that's what I get for going to school in the mountains.

The bag I got is by Marc by Marc Jacobs and it's from his 'Totally Turnlock' collection. The bag is called a Mini Quinn Satchel. The color is bright green! I was a little disappointed bc after I took all the fluff out of the bag, it didn't really hold it's shape well. Even after I stuffed my bag with all my accessories, it still lacks a little shape.

I have the essentials, my car keys, my wallet (LV Monogram Canvas), my card holder (Coach Poppy Collection), and something I call my travel card holder (Juicy Couture). I use the travel one frequently because it has my license, school ID, debit card, and my house keys on it so I usually just grab it and go. I also carry around my camera (the red case in the picture).

On to my make up bag ...


Colegate Wisps – These are great for spot touch ups after meals. They have 1 side which is a brush that doesn’t require water and one side that is a like an angled toothpick. They have a very strong minty flavor that taste like a breath mint after you brush.

HK Travel lash curler – I carry this just in case I have to touch up my eyelashes.

Bare Minerals Volumizing Mascara – I got this as a free sample when I ordered some eye shadow online. It’s actually a pretty sturdy tube and has a lot of product. The wand makes this mascara one of my favorites. It doesn’t clump at all and actually works.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – Sometimes I leave the house without make up on and just a little bit of this primer brightens my complexion and smoothes out my imperfections.
MAC Techakohl Liner in GraphBlack– This eyeliner is great because it doesnt require a sharpener and it's waterproof.

Conair Bobby Pin Holder – This is the coolest thing I’ve found to hold my many bobby pins. I actually got it at Claire’s Accessories. It’s just like a matchbook and it opens up with a little slot for you to slide bobby pins into.

Palladio Rice Paper in Warm Beige – These are great as blotting papers and to touch up on the go.

Allergy pill - Blacksburg has a very high pollen count every spring, so I carry an allergy pill just for emergencies.

Safety Pins - Never know when you will need one. I also pay a little bit extra for the black and white ones just because I wear a lot of neutral colors.

I wouldn't say I'm a lotion junkie, but I loove small sized things! I have 2 bottles/tubes of lotion in my bag.

EOS Everyday Hand Lotion in Cucumber - I think this stuff smells better than the BBW collection. It's less fruity and more tolerable. The lotion is fast absorbing and is in a cute oval container. Good for people that like to wash their hands a lot.

BBW's newest scent Country Chic - The smell of this lotion is flowery and sweet. I use it mainly for my elbows and legs when I notice that I forgot to moisturize.

Mirror - Picked this up from Borders. They have a cute little selection of pencil cases and mini notebooks.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - I have this powder in Honey. I don't usually have to reapply my powder during the day, but I carry this just in case. I like to set my foundation with Cargo's HD powder, but I don't like to carry the compact around in case I drop it. The powder is definitely not cheap to replace.

Go Smile Compact - I just got this in a recent TJ Maxx haul and I love it. It carries my Go Smile vials and it also has a mirror on the inside. I know this is like the 3rd product with a mirror.

Sunglasses - I don't keep my D&G sunglasses in their original case because it's bulky. I keep them in a cute Lily Pulitzer case. I like it because it's mushy so I can stuff it in my bag, but it retains its shape enough to keep my glasses safe. I also like the cute flower printed cloth it came with!

I've taken out a lot of the lip products from my purse. I usually have at least 4 or 5 tubes of lipstick in there, but somehow I managed to have none this week.

Carmex in cherry - This is my favorite gloss/lip balm. I have the tube version right now, but I usually carry around the one that looks like a lipstick.

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Radiant -  I love this color! It's a little darker than my natural lip color, but it applies sheer with a slight shimmer and I usually put this on when I'm not wearing lipstick.

Lily Pulitzer Perfume Rollarball -  I have a dual ended perfume stick. I'm not a huge fan of Wink, but I do like the Squeeze perfume. They're both really floral and sweet smelling. I don't usually wear these scents, but they're in my purse for just in case I want to freshen up.

Cargo Classic Lip gloss in Luxor - I have the baby size of this lip gloss. It came in a sample kit I got for christmas. I love that this gloss is non sticky and it gives a nice sheen to my lips.

My little collection of medicine – I have aspirin for headaches. Tums for my heartburn (which only happens when I drink). And I know gum isn’t a medicine, but I threw this in there as well. The Mentos gum container is genius because the paper gum packets always gets destroyed in my purse, so this is hands down my favorite gum!

Other thing I don't really need to talk about but it's in my bag, my inhaler and my allergy eye drops.

Now that I’ve shared with you everything but the kitchen sink in my purse, what do you ladies carry out there?


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