Spotted and bought @ Big lots!

So I don't visit my Big Lots very often, but I saw from Nouveaucheap that they were carrying some Sula Nail Polishes and EcoTool brushes, so I knew I had to check it out. Plus my Big Lots is located in the same shopping center as my TJ Maxx, so score!

The only color I found of the Sula Paint & Peel Nail Polishes (Retail $9) was in the color Sorbet. I paid $2.50 for it. I also like that they have NO strong nail polish smell. It just kind of reminds me of acrylic paint. You can find them here.

I didn't find any of the Alicia Silverstone for EcoTools makeup bags that everyone has been seeing, but I did pick up some cheap brushes to try from Ms. Manicure. I didn't think the quality of the brushes were that great, but for $1 you can't really complain and the handles are really cool. Just a little bulky though.

Last thing I picked up was these Revlon Nail Polishes. They were 2 for $2 for I couldn't really turn them down. The first color is 914 Tropical Temptation, which is a orangey pinkish color. The second color was 099 Effervescent Opal, which is a sheer pink with shimmers in it.


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