Sephora Haul!

Soooo basically I go to college underneath a rock or so I feel like it. Blacksburg is about 4 hours away from civilization and my closest f21 store is TWO HOURS away. I'm from a pretty populated area so not being near a mall or ANYTHING decent is driving me insane!

I got the privilege of heading home for a couple of days and the first thing I did was EAT and then I drove down to Fredericksburg to my nearest Sephora store and bought a bunch of random things!

A lot of the things that I bought are no longer in the packaging because my dog decided plastic and cardboard were its new favorite things and went to town in my bags!

I haven't finished my big bottle of this yet but the packaging was too cute to not pick up. This is my go to scent and I love it more that the original and the new one! It's Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture.

Korres Lip butter in Wild Rose ($10) According to Korres, this is what it is formulated to do: Korres Lip Butter gives lips a lovely, shiny finish and offers a natural flush when applied to the apples of the cheeks. Its shea-butter infusion conditions and heals lips and provides a softening touch to the skin.

I also picked up 2 Smashbox lip glosses. I don't think people give Smashbox enough credit because I love all their products and I have yet to try something that I don't like. The colors I picked up were pretty similar, but they're from 2 different lines.

Smashbox Limitless Long wear Lip Gloss ($21) in Forever. It's a pretty sheer pink with reflective specks in it. They’re taste- and fragrance-free, with a texture that feels slightly slick but also hydrating too. Picture a slightly thinner, non-sticky version of MAC Lipglass. They're a bit pricey ($7 bucks more than the Lipglass) but there is a ton of product, so you get your money's worth.

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss ($18) in Baby Pout. It's a sheer, shimmering, baby doll pink. This gloss is on the thinner side but not so thin that it's runny. It’s not at all sticky and it also doesn’t have any unpleasant smell or taste. This gloss didn't last as long as the other one and there really isn't any color to it. It's really sheer and provides a nice shimmer.

Two Faced Eye Shadow Insurance ($18) This is my favorite eye shadow primer. I prefer it over the UDPP. It doesn't have an applicator either so you just apply it to your lid with a brush or your fingers. It's lightly tinted gel texture is a lot easier to work with than UD’s cream-to-powder formula. UDPP had a tendency to apply unevenly and would cake on my lids a little.

Two Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer ($20) in Perfect Nude. I love the staying power of this concealer. I have gone to school, work, the gym and my concealer has lasted all day. The formula isn't very hydrating, but it doesn't bother me because I use a moisturizer. I wouldn't recommend applying this concealer with your fingers because it kind of just sits on your skin, use a small concealer brush and blend it it. The only downfall is the shade selection. There are only 3 to choose from.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($18) in Deviant. It is a bright electric blue. I love my zero pencil so much, I wanted to buy another pencil to try.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray To Go ($9) I only bought a travel sized bottle of this because I just couldn't resist the packaging! The best thing is you only need a little bit and it actually works! It's lightweight, not sticky, and dries very quickly. It does have a light scent, but it doesn't really bother me. Great product!

Tokidoki Comb ($7.99) I love anything Tokidoki and this comb was perfect. It was the last one in the store and it has the cutest print on it. I use it to detangle my hair when it's still wet. The comb also has a matte finish to it.


I am such a sucker for packaging. I was about to check out when I spotted a couple of these Smashbox primers. I've only used the original photo finish formula, so I definitely wanted to try the other ones. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 With Dermaxyl Complex To Go ($17) According to the website"Smashbox's cult favorite foundation primer has been infused with Dermaxyl, which has been proven in clinical trials to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, plus an SPF 15 sunscreen to protect the skin. This advanced formulation allows you to treat, protect, and instantly smooth the skin - priming it for the day." I've used this primer  a couple of times and I love the consistency of it. It makes your skin super smooth, but I don't think this formula is right for me. It kind of stings when I put it on and the sensation is very strange.

Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer To Go ($16) I really like this formula better than the original one. It's for oily and sensitive skin and I have neither, but I've noticed that my make up stays matte longer with this formula. It's made from 60% water based and it actually feels refreshing when you put it on.


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