OOTD: Lunch, Errands, 65 Degrees, No prob!

The weather has been very deceiving lately. It's bright and sunny outside but it's only 65 degrees! And with the breeze it feels a lot cooler! 

Wed night we also had a tornado warning ... not a WATCH but a WARNING. There were sirens blaring on campus and a loud speaker telling people to seek shelter indoors. Kinda scary, but the tornado missed us and all we had was rain. We were really lucky.

This is what I wore today. I had to run to sign my lease and a lunch date afterwards. It's nothing fancy, but it kept me warm for the weather.

Cardigan: Forever 21
Belt: Ross
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Handbag: Marc Jacobs


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