oh hellooo new clothes!

So everyone knows that I'm a bargain hunter at heart and that I don't like paying full price and I don't like paying for shipping either. Lately, I've been cleaning out my closet and selling a lot of my old clothes. I was gonna donate them, but I figured that I spent so much on them, I might as well get something back so i did it through craigslist. I didn't even charge a lot for them, between $3-$5, but still I made about 70 dollars!! woohooo!

So I went to Ross, one of my favorite discount stores and bought a couple of new things! It's definitely dress season so I bought tons of dresses and a romper!

Dress for $12.99
This is probably one of my favorite purchases today. It's a tube style dress with elastic around the boob part and the waist. It's a pretty green color with flowers all over it.

Roxy skirt/dress for $7.99
I wasn't very sure about this when I first saw it just because it was versatile. I tried it on and it actually worked for me. I'm very short so I can't really wear maxi dresses, but this dress when worn like a dress is actually a good length. It also works as a skirt. The fold on the top allows you to adjust the length.

Dress for $11.99
This is like a dress that I saw on forever21 except this one has a shirt that goes over it. It's actually attached. Forever21 calls these bodysuits, but I don't really see them like that.

Romper for $5.99
It's really hard for me to buy rompers because of my height and build. A lot of times, rompers make me look bigger around the middle and shorter. I took a chance with this one because it was so cheap and it kind of works. I think i might add a belt or something else to it.

Steve Madden dress for $12.99 ( The dress had a slight run on it and the cashier took off another 10%)
I like the way this dress fit, but it's kind of sheer. It has small feathers on the bottom and the material is silky.

 I have to be crazy because I just bought a dress with feathers on it. Oh well, if it doesn't work out I can be a witch at halloween lol

Other things that I picked up were leggings on clearance for $3.99 and some Havana Flip Flops for $6.99. I didn't think these were special enough to really need pictures.

Anyone else shop at Ross!?


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