Mall haulage!

So I finally bit the bullet and I drove myself to my nearest mall. We have a mall in my college town, but it's so small (about 20 stores) and it never has anything that I want. I drove to the nearest bigger mall (about 40 mins away) in Roanoke and did a little shopping.

The main objective was to visit the MAC counter, but I'm going to save that for a separate post.

I picked up these cute little flats from PacSun. They were 70% off, making them only $3.80! They're by Black Poppy. They have a texture to them and a cute little buckle on the pointy toe.

I had to return something to Rue21 and I ran into a display that had a whole wall of purses for $2. I couldn't resist and I bought one. It's black and looks like a saddle. It also has straps for you to carry it cross body style or on the shoulder. 

I also went to Victoria's Secret. The one in my mall doesn't carry any of the make up and I've been wanting to try out the new wild tropics line. I also wanted to use up my rewards cards and I hate to pay shipping online.

Love Me Wild Limited Edition Face Trio in Captivate
It comes in the prettiest packaging (we all know I'm a sucker for packaging) with leopard print and gold trimmings. The blush has a lot of fall out, but it feels so smooth and blends really easily!

Love Me Wild Perfect Lipstick in Instinct and Heartbeat
One is a pretty nude and the other one is a coral. The lipsticks are really moisturizing and I wore it over my ELF lip moisturizing balm. It lasted a long time too!

Lash Lust Volume Definition Mascara
The wand is really interesting. It's the plastic kind but there are 2 different kinds of bristles. Thicker ones on the top and more skinnier and defining ones towards the bottom.

Tease for Two Naughty Kiss Lipgloss in Tingling Mint
The packaging for this is so cute! It's white with pink print and on the top there is a little ribbon print/detail. Sorry I forgot to take an individual picture of it. It's on the main one though!

I also stopped into a local store we have called Strawberry. It sells tons of clothes for really cheap and I ended up picking up this boyfriend blazer for only $12.99!!

Last stop I made was to Target and I picked up a couple more mascaras to appease my make up habit. I swear this is the last time I'm gonna do a mascara haul! I also bought a couple of eyeshadow brushes. They weren't anything special, but the print was just really cute!

I also saw a pretty Jemma Kidd palette and I wanted to buy BUT when I opened it, it was moldy. Gross! Apparently this is from their 2010 Fall line? I can't believe that Target still had them.
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