Haulage pt 2 ... accessories!

So I was on the same visit to the mall and I stopped into PacSun because I had a shirt to exchange. The store had a huge clearance section and most things were 50% off of the sale price. I ended up exchanging my shirt for a belt and a necklace.

The belt didn't have a tag, so I wasn't sure what the original price was before the 50% off. I ended up only paying $5 for it. 

I also picked up an owl necklace. They had a whole section around the register with jewelry for only $2.99 

The last stop I made in the mall was at Charlotte Russe. I normally don't shop in there because frankly I find their clothes cheap and the sizing is never right. Don't get me wrong, even though I don't like their clothes, I still really like ALL their accessories from their handbags to their jewelry. 

I didn't do too much damage in here. The store was surprisingly pretty empty. I wasn't sure if they were changing  displays or what, but besides the huge shoe wall, there wasn't a lot of clothes. I ended up seeing a display for sale jewelry. We all know I can't resist a sale,

I picked up 2 rings and 1 necklace. All their jewelry was only $1.99. I love big rings and necklaces!


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