Haulage ... B&BW, VS, Regis!

I visited the mall today ... bad idea because I definitely bought a lot more than I thought I would. 

In my school area, we don't have an Ulta or a Sephora, so I have to go to a beauty salon (or online) to get my hands on anything O.P.I. We used to have a Trade Secret, but that closed, so literally I have to get my O.P.I. products from a hair salon called Regis. I dropped by to pick up the Katy Perry Black Shatter Polish. They actually had it!! I was super excited! I also picked up some cuticle oil from their sale section.

The cuticle oil that I picked up is called Avoplex Cuticle Oil. It's by O.P.I. and it was 60% off! I ended up paying $4 for it, which is a good deal. 

Description: Rich in therapeutic, skin-loving Avocado oil in combination with super antioxidant Tocotrienol - 1000 times more powerful than regular vitamin E - plus feather-light Grape See, Sunflower, Sesame, Kukui Nut oils and Lecithin to restore essential moisture and lipids and nourish dry cuticles. Ideal for rough heels and elbows, too!

The lady at the Regis counter was also super nice and she gave me a 20% student discount too so I got both things to $12.

The next stop was B&BW for my monthly free gift! If you are wondering why I have a free gift, check out this post for an explanation. I heard that they might continue their Luv BBW program after it expires next month. This month's free gifts was any travel size item from their True Blue Spa line.

I picked up a bottle of their Super Rich Body Cream - Lay It On Thick with Shea Butter. It retails for $6. It has a light vanilla scent to it.

Ever since their rewards card promotion, I've been finding excuses to go to Victoria's Secret. I have a total of 4 rewards cards (worth $10 each) that I need to use up before the end of the month. I would prefer to buy some of their clothes because I have way too many panties and bras from them, but I did end up getting a great bargain today!

I'm normally not a fan of Victoria's Secret line of body products. I feel like for the price you pay, you might as well buy something better. The only line that I have ever tried and actually loved were from their Secrets Moments collection. My store in the mall was having a 75% off sale, so I got each of these for between $2.50-$3 (they're still 3/$15 online). I only paid $4 plus tax for everything!

Kissing In Paris, which is described as with the crisp scent of Spring Iris and fresh dew. I bought the daily body wash, nourishing body cream, and the daily scrub. I've actually used the scrub before and it's pretty mild. I believe it's like a sugar scrub where the beads disappear.

Girl's Night, which is described as flirty peony and waterlily. I bought the smoothing body scrub and daily body lotion. The scent is so light, but still a little flowery and feminine. I also got a free perfume sample with a coupon I gave them. 


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