Hard♥Candy Glamoflague VS Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

Hard♥Candy Glamoflague VS Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

So after seeing a review on a couple of people's blogs about the similarities of these 2 concealers, I went and did a comparison.

Hard♥Candy Glamoflague

Price: $6 (It comes with a small concealer pencil too)
Availability: Only at Wal Mart (Hard Candy used to be at Sephoras)
Packaging: Squeeze tube so you're able to control the amount that comes out 

I'm not a huge fan of the Hard Candy one. It has a heavy acrylic paint smell and the color base is very beige. I have yellow undertones. It does have very good pigmentation and cover most blemishes. I haven't really tried this for tattoos or anything heavier.

I recommend using a primer and a setting powder for this bc it is very drying and will settle into fine lines. Sometimes, without a moisturizer, it is really hard to blend because it dries so quickly.

- A large amount of product comes inside of the tube.
- This concealer is extremely pigmented.

- The coloring is not very flesh toned.
- Limited Color Selection (Light, medium, tan)
- Texture and application is more like a paint.
- Smells like acrylic paint
- It applies very thickly and it takes a bit of work to blend.
- By the end of the day it fades off a bit

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer 

Price: $25 (I got this as a deal with a free concealer brush) 
Availability: Only at Sephora's 
Packaging: Squeeze tube so you're able to control the amount that comes out 

I prefer this concealer to the Hard Candy one, just because it covers better and isn't drying. The smell is about the same. It reminds me of acrylic paint, kinda plastic like. If you don't apply this well, it does settle into your lines, especially around your eyes. I recommend a primer (like Benefit Stay don't Stray) and then a translucent powder on top (I use Laura Mercier). 

I haven't actually haven't tried using this to cover tatoos or anything major, but it's pretty pigmented so I don't think it would be a problem. I just wish there was a better range of colors, not everyone fits into light, medium, or tan.

- Very long lasting
- Creamy and easy to blend
- Non-drying ( Doesn't settle into dry spots)
- Extremely versatile and conceals almost anything

- Limited color range (Light, Medium, Tan)
- A little heavy 

- Applying too much may cause creasing
- Can settle into fine lines if not blended well

Blended out
Tips for applying both concealers:
- Put a little on your hand first and then use a concealer brush to control the amount
- Mix with a lighter weight concealer or moisturizer if the coverage is too heavy

- Apply powder onto to set and prevent fading ( I use the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder)


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