Graduation Dress FAIL ...

So I had a half day yesterday at work and I visited the mall to try and find a graduation dress. That turned into an epic fails! As I've talked about this before, my mall has really crappy stores and the only ones even worth mentioning, I would never shop at bc the sizing is weird.

I did however find a couple of gems in a store called Body Central. I usually don't go into that store but I was kinda desperate and I still didn't find anything worth wearing to graduation (helloooo online shopping!) But I did find 2 spring/downtown dresses that I think are abolutely adorable. 

I wasn't going to buy both of them because they were pricey and then one of them had a broken belt loop. I thought that with the 10% discount they give, I could fix it. BUUUUT to my surprise, when I got to the register, the dress was $9.99 instead of the marked $22.90 and with the 10% it was only $8.99! Score!

The dress is a pretty teal color with layered ruffles. That's my favorite, ruffles! and it's also strapless and a-line. It came with a skinny brown belt. 

Here's a picture of it on the model. I don't think I would have bought this dress online if I saw it on the model. It looks a lot better in person.

The other dress I got is a gray color. It's made from a linen material and has buttons that go all the way down the front. It's a-line, flairs out and also comes with a belt. Super cute and chic! This dress was only $20 with the 10% (bc a couple of strings were coming out of the buttons).

The dress also comes in a couple of different colors.

Source: A'GACI

Source: Charlotte Russe


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