Girls cannot have enough shoes right!?

My roomie came home with the most fabulous pair of shoes from Charlotte Russe and I just had to have them. They're booties with ruffles in the front and the material is suede. They come in all sorts of colors but I had my heart set on the teal ones. My CR had teal, gray, beige, yellow, red, and hot pink. These shoes were $40, but CR was having a shoe sale. It was buy1get1 for $10. So I ended up with 2 pairs of shoes for $50, which isn't a bad deal.

My second pair of shoes were slingback heels? They're beige and suede with a zipper up the side. They aren't like the traditional slingbacks, where you wear them to work. These are about 6 inches high and super sexy!

I was about to pay for my shoes when I spotted a clearance shoe rack and they had these fabulous boots!! These were on sale for $9.99 and they were in my size, last pair! It was definitly a sign. I gave in and got them too.

They're brown with fur at the top and buckles around the sides. They retail for $45.50, so I was getting a great deal.

Last thing I got was a gold bangle with lace around the outside. This was sale for $1.99. I've had a thing for gold jewelry lately and before I was strictly a silver kinda girl.


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