Forever21 Haul!

WoooHoo! Finally my package is here! I waited patently (7 whole days) for the goodies in this order. I ordered about $50 worth of stuff so I could get free shipping and I definitly got my moneys worth!

They sent the order in the yellow paper bag which I hate. I like it when they use the white one with the bubble wrapping. This is very cheap and traffic cone looking.

Graffiti Artist Skirt in "Black" $7.80

Flora Contrast Dress in "Cream" $12.80

Knitted Contrast Dress in "Black" $13.50

Taupe Nail Polish $2.80 and Jeweled Retractable Makeup Brush $3.80

Basic Bodycon Mini Skirt in "Black" $5.00

Elastic Crochet Belt $4.50 and Classic Braided Belt $3.50


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