Forever21 Dress Haulage!

They got me once again with their cute designs and spring time prints. I didn't even get a lot this time for my $50. I only got 4 dressed. I guess that's quite a bit, but still, I usually come out with a lot more stuff!

The first thing I bought was a Button Tube Dress from their Fabulous Finds Collection. I'm in my neutrals phase and of course I had to go with taupe. It's a very cute and had little gold buttons that go down the center. This dress was $13.50.

The second dress I bought was called Ohau Strapless Dress. It's red with a flower print. I don't really own anything red so I had to buy it and it was a restock so since I didn't get it the first time, I thought I would pick it up now. It was only $11.80 too!

The last dress I got was a strapless knit dress. It has a pretty greenish, blue print and it came with the belt. I love it because it has pockets! This dress was $22.80.

The very last thing I bought was this hot pink mini skirt. I was in love with the idea of wearing a bright colored skirt so for $6.50 I had to pick it up. It actually stretches longer than I thought it would so you can wear it with a crop top or tucked in.


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