ELF Promotion!!

 Ladies! Ladies!

Buy $25 worth of make up and get 10 free gifts. Ends 4/19/11. Hurry. Here's a great deal. You buy $25+ worth of products from http://www.eyeslipsface.com then you get 10 extra from gifts.

First step: Pick out what you like from the link above add up to $25 or more.

Second step: After you're done choosing your products, go a head and choose 10X of products that is worth $1 which equals to $10.

Third: When ready to check out, enter the code ESSENTIALS in the coupon form and voila! The 10 $1 products will be taken off.

This promotion is valid only for the next SIX Days Only. LIMITED OF TIME OFFER ONLY. Ends 4/19/11


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