ELF Haulage!

So I was watching HollyAnn-AeRee's youtube video on what she bought from ELF and she mentioned that they actually had all the studio brushed in stock. So being the shopaholic that I am, I couldn't resist and I stocked up! Plus there's a 50% off code floating around somewhere on retailmenot!

I picked up not just one but TWO of the flat top powder brushes. I've heard such great reviews from everyone and they're always out of stock, plus you can use them for powder or liquid foundation.

I also picked up 2 of the $1 eyeshadow brushes. The ones that I have by them are so worn out, I figured I would replace them and for $1 you really can't complain.

I also picked up a stippling brush as well. I've seen videos of people using them for liquid foundations and I was interested in trying it out. I didn't want to spend the money on an expensive one in case I don't like the way the routine worked.

The last brush I picked up was another eyeshadow contour brush. I like these a lot because they soften and blend any harsh lines you have with your shadows. I only recently learned the techniques and i have to say that I'm addicted.

HollyAnn-AeRee also raved about the ELF Conditioning LipBalms. She said they were comparable to MAC's so I thought I would try it out for myself and they were only $3.  The color I got was Peaceful Pink and you get about half the amount of product as MACs but even if you purchase 2, it won't add up to the price of MACs.

I absolutely LOVE this balm. I used it by it's self and it's a pretty pink and I also used it underneath my VS lipstick. It's very moisturizing and creamy!


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