I couldn't resist the 50% off birthday code, so I ordered a couple of things to try. The website carries a lot of discontinued products and limited edition lines. All the things I bought were from Smashbox. The shipping was super fast too! I got mine in about 2-3 days!

Tokidoki For Smashbox Modella Eye Shadow Quad $6.49

Smashbox Reign Collection from 2009 
The packaging is super unique! It's in a leather flip top case. For some reason the eyeshadow didn't come in packaging, just as is.

Smashbox Reign Eye Shadow Palette in Majesty $8.99

The inside of the circles are matte shades while the outside of the circle are shimmer shades. I think it's a great deal because you are getting 6 shades instead of 3. The first shade is a pale peachy gold. The second shade is a reddish cooper with brown undertones. The last shade is a black with bluish undertones. The shades are kind of sheer but you just have to work a little harder.

Source: Vonvon
Smashbox Reign Fusion Blush in Regal $7.49
It's a combo blush with one half that's a matte finish and the other half a shimmer finish. It's a pretty peachy nude. It’s also kind of hard to keep the matte and shimmer sides from mixing.The palette, though, is large enough to use the half you’d like to use, which is a huge plus. You also get a lot more product than the normal Smashbox blushes.


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