Balmshell Lipgloss!

Balmshell is a Canadian based company where identical twin sisters Jennifer and Fiona Lees founded it in 2006. They have lip glosses as well as a lip and cheek tints. There also carry a Mini Gloss Collection of their best selling glosses.

Each shade is packaged with a tube that contains a floating illustration (it's associated with the name of the gloss). The gloss tube also unscrews from the illustration and turns into a key chain or, you could just use your gloss to as a keychain! 

Description: A super moisturizing, preservative-free, sheer lipgloss naturally scented with a hint of vanilla and packaged in a unique tube with a fun illustration on the other end.
Price: $20 CAD ($11 UDS)
Availability: Asephora or on their website as well!

Conditioning Formula
- Jojoba oil (brings moisture to the lips)
- Lanolin oil (locks in moisture)
- No Artificial preservatives
- Paraben-free
- Perfume-free, but flavoured with a hint of fruity vanilla

I didn't really feel like really putting out $11 for a single tube of lipgloss, so I went the cheap route and bought one on sale. It was under the goodbyes tab and the color I got was actually discontinued. It's called "Confessions of a Call Girl" and only cost me $6! What a deal.

This is the illustration information: Call Girl's floating illustration is a story about best friends spending hours gabbing away on the phone, racking up their cell phone bills, while a 
comic bubble floats back and forth with the words "Blah... Blah... Blah..."

The shade is a sheer bright orange, but when put on it's more pinky than anything else.

I also received 2 samples to try. They didn't have any names on them, but it was a hot pink and the other a lighter pink. I tried to put both on my lips and then take a picture, but they were pretty sheer and didn't look very different from the above picture.

What does everyone else think of these lipglosses?!


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