Laura Mercier Haul!

I have been super sick lately, but I was extremely happy that I got my Laura Mercier order (Blog!)! I have been dying to try out the Silk creme foundation and all the little freebees that I got.

The first couple of things I purchased were from the Laura Mercier base makeup line because they were having a sale that if you by 2 of their flawless skin items, you can get a FULL SIZE foundation primer for FREE!! That was an amazing deal because a full size foundation primer costs $30 plus tax, so I just couldn't pass that up! 

But anyways, I bought the silk cream foundation. I have been wanting to try this since I watched all the youtube videos, so I finally got a chance to try it. I am in the shade "hazelnut beige".  It was really hard for me to pick a shade because I had never tried on the foundation before and the nearest store is hours away. I read a couple of blogs and they said that the hazelnut beige shade was the closest to NC35-40. I put a little on my neck and it was perfect. I think with my setting powder, it will match very closely. The color on the tube is definitely
darker than the actual foundation.

The next thing I bought was their Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. After reading all the reviews, I just had to get my hands on it. I love the texture and the soft silky feel it gives your foundation.

 And of course, my free primer =)

These are the 3 samples I got with my purchase. They're deluxe samples too! I received 1 LM eye basic eyeshadow primer in wheat, 1 LM body scrub in almond, and a small pot of their cake liner. I love their line of body washes and scrubs bc the smell is so amazing. My current favorite is creme brulee.

Out of all the samples I got, I was excited to try the new and reformulated version of Laura Mercier's cake eyeliner, now called "Tightline Cake Eye Liner." I was a little confused on how to use this product when I got it. It didn't swatch very well and seemed kind of chalky, but apparently you have to use an activator. The activator contains a unique polymer and is supposed to make the liner very long lasting. Before some bloggers used water as an activator, but the consistency of it isn't the same with the new formula.


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