ELF haul @ the most unlikely place

I was reading prettyaddictions blog and she mentioned that her local Dollar Tree had ELF products. I'm currently living in a very small town and I didn't think I would have much luck, but I did manage to get my hands on a couple of ELF products. I only looked at one of my local Dollar Trees, so if I have time, I'll probably check out the other one to see if they have the blushes or anymore lipstains.

The first couple of things I picked up were from the ELF Studio line and it's their Minty Lip Glosses. They had about 5 out of the 9 colors available. I only picked up the 4 that appealed to me.

The lip glosses are originally $3 from their website so I didn't save a hec of a lot of money, but I didn't have to pay shipping or anything like that. I'll probably review these soon.

San Diego is a coral-red with gold flecks of shimmer.
New York City is a medium pink with subtle gold micro-shimmer.
Boston is a cranberry purple color with chunky gold and blue shimmer.
Seattle is a clear base with shimmers in white, pink, gold, silver, green, and blue.

The next thing two things I picked up from ELF's studio line were a tube of their 2 in 1 conditioning gloss and 1 of their lip stains.

They had a lof of the 2 in 1 conditioning glosses, but I only purchased one in the color 'Supermodel'. When you first get it, you will squeeze out clear gloss, but after reading a couple of reviews, I found out that if you squeeze on the bottom/middle part, the colored gloss will come out. I tried that and it does! The gloss comes as a doe foot applicator, so it doesn't irritate the lips.The color Supermodel is very sheer, and it does sort of blend it with your natural color of lips, but for $1 you can't complain.

I bought the lip stain in the color Fashionista and it was one of the last colors left. The lip stains are super pigmented and the color was kind of so so for me. It didn't really apply like a lip stain, but more like a liquid lipstick.  And if you don't follow the directions, it can look like paint. I'll probably do a quick review on these 2 lip products together once I wear it a few more times.

A couple more treasures that I picked up in Dollar Tree was some Sally Hansen products. There wasn't very much left, so I just picked 2 of what I saw. I bought a tube of their Moist & Matte Liquid Color in Shantung and a tube of their Smile Brightening Lip Treatment in Luminous. The Moist & Matte Liquid Color comes in a tube like a lipstick but the color comes out through holes at the top like a gloss.  The Smile Brightening Lip Treatment is a pretty pigmented gloss and I'm not sure if it makes my smile brighter, but the gloss is not sticky and pretty moisturizing. I'll probably do a review on this later.

I also picked up a clear glass container to hold my make up brushes in. I want to do something like the Sephora inspired looks, but I have no idea where to find the little beads that are inside the container.


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